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Is Low Carb for Me?

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Yes It Is! Low Carb is for Everyone!

This was me, not even a year ago, 295 lbs and a size 24 (or 3x). I had a ton of medical problems: severe spine problems, chronic pancreatitis, gastroparesis, IBS, and pre-diabetes. August 2018, I went to my gastroenterologist and after a barrage of tests, he placed me on a “low residue diet.” At the same time, my husband was diagnosed as prediabetic. He started doing research on the low residue diet and prediabetes. He found that there are zero studies that a low residue diet does any good for my diagnoses. Then he found this Ted Talk from Sarah Hallberg. It changed our lives.

ZERO! Our body needs zero carbs to sustain itself. This goes against everything the USDA told us for decades. Even today’s “Food Plate” shows almost 1/2 of our eating should come from fruit and grains.

You have probably heard of Low Carb and Keto as great “diets” to lose weight. A diet to lose weight is usually temporary. You struggle; you may lose weight, you may not. You may even lose a lot of weight, only to have it quickly comeback. I was a yo-yo dieter my entire life. I have lost the same 100 lbs four times.

What if it isn’t just about losing weight? What happens when we switch our minds to think of our total health? What happens when we undo years and years of brainwashing?

You become healthy! That’s what happens. And a Bonus…you WILL lose weight. Both my husband and I lost 85 lbs in 9 months. I have about 35 more lbs to lose, but I feel terrific and I know I am on the right path.

ALL my gastro problems are gone. I mean gone!

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